The relationship between companies in Export Processing Zone (EPZ) and Export Processing Zone Administration (EPZA)

ABSTRACT The purpose of the study was to assess whether different customer relationship types can have the effect on judgments of perception service quality of the services provided from Export Processing Zone Administration (EPZA). The related studies in the past used situation manipulation to establish customer relationship type. In this study, Export Processing Zones (EPZ) was applied to be the investigation field, and it applied experience of real interaction between EPZA and companies in EPZ to conduct the survey. This study used questionnaire surveys, applying EPZ to be the investigation field, and used companies in EPZ as the target subjects (N=156). The results revealed two phenomena: (a) The communal versus the transactional customer relationship type had a significant and positive effect on perception service quality of the EPZA. (b) The strengths and weaknesses of communal customer relationship type between EPZA and companies in EPZ had difference in zones, company scales, industries, and the age of respondents. This study will conclude the results of management implications, the limitations of research, and the directions of research in the future, and it provided analysis results for EPZA to strengthen service quality in the furtuer, making consideration and application for setting governing and relationship marketing strategies. Keywords: Customer Relationship Tpye, Service Quality For more information about this study, please contact Ms. Liang, Li-chung, Senior Specialist of Export Processing Zone Administration. Email: