Eslite opens first bookstore in mainland China

Eslite opens first bookstore in mainland China Taipei Nov. 29 (CNA) The Eslite Corporation, one of the most renowned bookstore chains in Taiwan, opened its first mainland China store in Suzhou, Sunday, at an opening ceremony attended by Lin Hwai-min (林懷民) and other famous writers and artists. Lin, who is the founder and artistic director of Cloud Gate Dance Theater, said during the ceremony that he often goes to bookstores when he feels tired and a need of comfort. An artwork named "Day and Night" (晝夜), which was created by famous Chinese artist Cai Guo-Qiang (蔡國強)in Taipei in 2009, is displayed in the bookstore. Local residents told CNA reporter that they have heard of the Eslite Bookstore before, but have yet to visit, adding that they were astonished by the bookstore's interior design when they first stepped in. The Eslite Corporation operates 43 retail bookstores in Taiwan and three overseas ,including two in Hong Kong and the newly opened Suzhou store. (Courtesy of CNA)