Penghu Port Opens Space for Motorbike Rental Service Providers, Works with County Government to Resolve Long-term Congestion in Magong City

To assist the Penghu County Government to resolve the current lack of adequate vehicle parking spaces, improve traffic flows in Magong City, and enhance the city’s image and attractiveness, the Port of Kaohsiung’s Magong District Office is working with county authorities to make available port land adjacent to city roads for use by motorbike rental service providers. A standard fee schedule has been instituted and the staged opening of motorbike rental outlets began on March 1st.

According to the Taiwan International Ports Corporation (TIPC), motorcycle rental service providers have long occupied city lots designated for motorcycle parking as well as public sidewalks, seriously inconveniencing visitors, pedestrians, and residents. In response, the county government instituted a standardized fee schedule for designated rental areas and encouraged the participation of local rental agencies and for their removal to the newly designated areas, with an official start date of March 1st, 2019. Port of Kaohsiung’s Magong District Office designated port land adjacent to a 12m stretch of county-government roadway for use by motorbike rental service providers for rental bike parking and rental purposes.

Under the new program, the county government will no longer allow rental agencies to occupy sidewalks. Furthermore, rental agencies that occupy city parking spaces shall now be fined in accordance with Roadway Traffic Regulations, Article 56, Section 1, Paragraph 7. When necessary, staff will be stationed and sanctioned to report violators for prosecution in accordance with the law.