Enhancement of draftee’s skills of supporting veterans-“The disabled person care service training”, Session 1

In Taiwan, about 900 draftee were injured due to official duties during their mandatory military service. They are not only physically and mentally traumatized, but also suffer low qualities of life. Hence, since May 2011, National Conscription Agency Ministry Of The Interior has promoted support services program for veterans by selecting substitute services draftees with specialties to offer caring, companion and errand-running. Until now, more than 695 substitute services draftees have been used for offering support services to more than 140 veterans (46200 times of services). Therefore, their qualities of life have been improved, and their families are finally able to take breaks. To expand the scale of care of the volunteer military and draftee are also included in this program to be taken care of since 2017.
Since the injured are physically and mentally traumatized, and they often have difficulties in moving, it takes special knowledge and skills for draftees to properly support the injured veterans. To enhance servicemen’s abilities and promote experience-sharing, servicemen are required to take three training classes, including seminar, study group, introduction to assistive devices, basic physical Rehabilitation and introduction to PTSD.
The first training class would be held on Friday, April 12th, 2019 in Taichung VIFO foundation. Approximately 90 official and substitute services draftees would attend this training class to sharpen their skills and ultimately improve the quality of life of the injured veterans.