Bank of Taiwan announces winners of pre-order lottery for Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games Commemorative Coins (First Issue)

The Bank of Taiwan is the sole domestic distributor of the gold and silver commemorative coins for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, which are made by the Japan Mint under the authorization of the International Olympic Committee. The Bank made the first batch of the commemorative coins available for a pre-order lottery from April 23 through May 14, 2019. All persons who registered for the lottery had one lottery chance each for the opportunity to purchase one gold coin and one silver coin. Now, 316 lucky persons have been randomly selected for the opportunity to purchase a 10,000-yen gold coin featuring a horseback archer and three Japanese kanji (shin [mind], gi [skill], and tai [body]), and another 517 persons have received the chance to purchase a 1,000-yen silver coin featuring an aquatics theme. Each lottery participant, when registering for the lottery, designated a specific bank branch where they would pick up their coin(s) in the event they ended up with a winning lottery ticket. Lottery winners can go (prior to the payment deadline) to the designated bank branch and present the text message or e-mail winner notification they received from the Bank of Taiwan and apply to purchase the 10,000-yen gold coin (which is worth NT$46,880) and/or the 1,000-yen silver coin (worth NT$4,998) Lottery winners and alternate winners were randomly selected by computer on May 22, 2019, and a list of their names has been posted to the Bank of Taiwan website ( All persons who have applied to purchase a coin(s) can check the status of their application on the Bank of Taiwan website. Contact person:Chiu Chin-hsien, EVP & General Manager, Department of Precious Metals Tel: (02) 2349-4760 Lottery hotline: (02) 2349-4506