The Overseas Youth English Teaching Volunteer Service Program is a “Happiness-Building Project”: OCAC Chief Secretary Chang

As the 2018 Overseas Youth English Teaching Volunteer Service Program drew to a close, a farewell party was held for all the participants at Jiantan Youth Activity Center on July 27. 590 volunteers from the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Australia and Belize were excited to receive their Certificate of Volunteer Service from Chang Liang-min, the Chief Secretary of the Overseas Community Affairs Council (OCAC), and yet, at the same time, found it hard to say goodbye to each other.
On behalf of OCAC Minister Wu Hsin-hsing, Chang Liang-min expressed his gratitude to the volunteers for selflessly giving English-teaching services during their summer vacation. Volunteers traveled all the way to Taiwan to teach and provide English-learning motivation to middle and elementary school students in rural areas. Since 2006, 4,850 youth volunteers have come to Taiwan to take part in the Program and more than 35,000 children have benefitted. With 81 schools of 16 cities and counties in remote areas or places without sufficient teaching resources participating, this year’s was the largest ever. Chang also said that, through this Program, the seeds of English-learning and globalization have been successfully planted in the hearts of these children. In addition, Chang believes that the Program gave volunteers a chance to appreciate the meaning of “to give is better than to receive.” He praised the Program as a “Happiness-Building Project.” He hoped that the volunteers will become a new force in the overseas community in the future and have also gained a better understanding of Taiwan through their voluntary service.
In order to encourage young people whose native language is English to provide English-learning services to middle and elementary schools in rural areas or districts lacking sufficient resources in Taiwan during summer vacation, the OCAC has held the Overseas Youth English Teaching Volunteer Service Program since 2006 together with the Ministry of Education.