Educational event on the measurements of transport kicks off, all are welcome to attend BSMI, MOEA May 12, 2017

To celebrate World Metrology Day, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology & Inspection (BSMI) and the National Museum of Natural Science organized an educational event called "Invisible Measurements-Discover the Physical World of Transport". The event, in accordance with the 2017 theme "Measurements of Transport," will run from May 7 to July 1 at the National Museum of Natural Science. We are now accepting registration. All are welcome to attend ! The BSMI said that the public can learn about the measurements of transport through guided tours, speeches and workshops on natural phenomena and physical theories. Through hands on experience, attendees can gain a better understanding of transport of sound waves, the law of conservation of energy, lotus effect and turning the mobile device into a microscope. This is an intellectual journey into the world of physics and nature. Registration is required to attend the event. Please register through the National Museum of Natural Science at is limited. For further information, please call the BSMI at 02-23963360 ext. 716 for Ms. Huang or the National Museum of Natural Science at 04-23226930 ext. 505 for Dr. Chiu or ext. 549 for Ms. Tsai. Agency in charge: Metrology Administration Department (4th Division) Contact person: Mr. Liou, Bing-Yuan Telephone: (02)2397-1326