2018 Feed-in Tariff Rates Shall be Announced in the Early December

Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) convened the first evaluation meeting of "2018 Feed-in Tariff for Renewable Energy" to confirm operation mechanisms, principles in setting Feed-in Tariff rates, and related issues. The rates shall be announced by early December so that the renewable energy installers can make the investment plan in advance. In order to formulate 2018 Feed-in Tariff rates, Minister of MOEA, Mr. Jong-Chin Shen, former Deputy Minister invites experts and scholars who specialize in the field of energy, economics, finance, law, engineering technology, and environment, along with the representatives from labor unions and government institutions to form a committee. In addition, in order for the committee to conduct in-depth discussion, the committee will be divided into 3 groups, solar energy, wind power, and biomass energy/ other types of renewable energy. The relevant public and private renewable energy associations and businesses will be invited to present their opinions in the first round group meeting; the opinions will be documented so that "the Formula for Calculating Feed-In Tariffs for Renewable Energy (draft)" can be submitted to the committee. A public hearing will be held as part of the administrative processes, the preliminary results will be presented and the 2018 Feed-In Tariffs rates will be validated in the hearing. The Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs states that the 2018 Feed-In Tariffs rates will be evaluated in reference to previous experience and under a transparent review process. A planned hearing will be held and the draft will be publicized by the end of September. The preliminary result of Feed-In Tariff rates is planned to be produced by the end of October. MOEA emphasizes that the process of setting Feed-In Tariff rates is made public, providing the public with the chance to voice opinions, so that the results can be widely accepted. All the rates related issues shall be carefully examined. Following the hearing, the information will be made available on the website of http://web3.moeaboe.gov.tw/ECW/renewable/welcome/default.html so that the public can browse, search for specific topics and find information for the meeting. Spokesperson for Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs: Deputy Director General, Chun-Li Lee Phone number: 02-2775-7700 Mobile: 0936-250-838 Email: cllee@moeaboe.gov.tw Business Contact: Chief Secretary , Jin-Sheng Su Phone Number: 02-2775-7702 Mobile: 0928-825-633 Email: jssu@moeaboe.gov.tw Technical Advisory Contact: Director , Chung-Tsien Che Phone Number: 02-2775-7778 Mobile: 0919-998-339 Email: ctchen@moeaboe.gov.tw Media Contact: Inspector, Yu-Hsuah Hsia Phone Number: 02-2775-7705 Mobile: 0910-668-295 Email: yhhsia@moeaboe.gov.tw