Negotiations over CAL pilot issues break down, strike continues

Taipei, Feb. 9 (CNA) The Pilots Union Taoyuan announced late Saturday that a strike by China Airlines (CAL) pilots will continue after negotiations that took place earlier in the day failed to produce positive results to resolve five longstanding problems facing pilots.The strike will continue on Sunday as no result has been reached at the meeting that began at 3 p.m., Lee Hsin-yen, chairwoman of the union, told reporters at 9:15 p.m. Saturday.No date has been set yet for the next round of negotiations, Lee said.The union has demanded that CAL increase the number of pilots and co-pilots assigned to each long-haul flight to address the issue of pilot fatigue from overwork and that local and foreign pilots must be treated as equals in terms of recruitment, training and promotion.In terms of the first demand, the union has demanded that CAL assign four pilots and co-pilots instead of the usual three on all flights scheduled to take more than 12 hours, while flights taking at least eight hours should have three flight crew members instead of two.The union also demanded transparency in the company's promotion and training system for co-pilots, the dismissal of members of CAL's management who have defamed the union, and a year-end bonus of a month's full pay limited to members of the union.Saturday's negotiations were attended by representatives from the union, CAL management, officials from the Ministry of Labor and the Taoyuan City government's Department of Labor and was meditated by the MOTC.Since the strike began, at least 400, or about 30 percent, of CAL pilots have deposited their flight certificates with the union, meaning that they have voluntarily and temporarily given up the right to operate an aircraft, according to the union.