Total amount of money for printed certification copy and cloud invoic prize from March-April 2019 exceeds NT$ 220million

The winning number for the March-April 2019 uniform-invoice special prize is 03802602. According to statistics, 86 lucky prize winners were drawn for this period’s electronic invoice, who received a total of more than NT$ 220 million across 4 different prize categories: special prize, grand prize, first prize, and the one million-dollar prize of cloud invoice award. The total prize money for second prize to sixth prize and the two thousand-dollar prize of cloud invoice award amounted to over NT$1.64 billion. In summary, there were 17 winners of the special prize and 15 winners of the one million-dollar prize of cloud invoice award for electronic invoices. Three out of 32 prize winners stored their cloud invoices using the mobile barcode, and they will be notified via the Ministry of Finance (MOF)’s E-invoice Platform. Ten prize winners who have stored the cloud invoice on the membership card will be notified by the business entity. Four prize winners stored the cloud invoice on electronic tickets (such as EasyCard, iPass, and iCash); 15 prize winners did not store their cloud invoices on any carrier. One out of 32 prize winners has applied for the automatic transfer of prize money to a designated bank account. Those who have not done so must obtain the printed certification copy at a convenience store kiosk after receiving the prize-winning notification; prize winners who have not used a carrier will need to present the printed certification copy in order to collect the prize money. Storing the invoice on a carrier provides you with an additional chance of winning. Cloud invoices are entitled to two prize-winning opportunities (general prize and the prize of cloud invoice award), greatly increasing your chance of winning. The MOF appeals to the public to make use of carriers to store their cloud invoices and apply for automatic transfer of prize money in order to prevent the loss of prize-winning invoices or failure to collect prizes within the deadline, thereby losing your right to collect the prize money. For additional information pertaining to electronic invoice, please visit the MOF E-Invoice Platform website ( or dial the 24-hour toll-free service hotline 0800-521-988 Press Release Contact: Mr. Chao, Section Chief Phone:02-2763-1233