Save Energy Wisely is Present Tense, BOE Advocates People to Participate in Energy Saving Month

Present Tense-A Guang Energy Saving Market "on June 1st. It is recommended that the public participate in energy saving month by increasing the temperature of the air conditioner by 1 degree Celsius, cleaning the filter regularly, controlling the air temperature at 26-28 ° C, and turning off the lights. BOE indicates the topic of energy saving month this year is "Save Energy Wisely is Present Tense". Expect to advocate people to use electricity efficiently during the summer peak season. To achieve a reduction in energy waste without affecting the quality of life at the same time, it is recommended by replacing electric appliances by recognizing the energy efficiency label, using high-efficiency lamps, increasing the temperature of the air-conditioning by 1 degree Celsius, cleaning the filter regularly, controlling the air temperature at 26-28 ° C, turning off the lights, using the timer, etc.. In order to promote life energy conservation methods, BOE cooperates Taipower Company, TTRI, and energy saving volunteers to hold "A Guang Energy Saving Market "at the Huashan 1914-Creative Park. The market is a kickoff event for 2019 Energy Saving Month. Let people learn various energy-saving techniques in life through interactive activities. For example, cleaning the filter regularly, replacing electric appliances by recognizing energy efficiency label, lighting energy saving, wearing coolly in summer and promoting websites, including "Energy Park", "A Guang Energy Saving Map" and "Consumption of Daily Electricity". These websites provide information about energy conservation and expect to help people using electricity wisely and saving energy. In order to encourage people to implement energy saving actions, BOE combines energy saving promotion with local art for the first time this year. The short film promotion worked with Hank Cheng, who is the winner of the Japan miniature contest. The film presents traditional Taiwanese elements as a miniature background and contrasts the ratio of the miniature model to the character. Innovative shooting techniques to explain the replacement of appliances with low operational efficiency is a simple, small move, but the power savings are less and more. Changing the world with small movements is the main idea. The short film will be exposed through TV, Internet and other channels to enhance the promotion of summer energy saving. BOE indicates that the cultivation of energy saving awareness and the promotion of energy saving work need continuous efforts. The Government has advocated "The New Energy Saving Program" since 2017 including replacing T8/T9 fluorescent tube and controlling the air temperature at 26-28 ° C at school and government departments. BOE also provided a industries allowance of power equipment and energy saving counseling. Besides, in order to tighten the relationship between local government and central government, BOE executed "The Energy-Saving Actions in Service and Residential Sectors by Local Governments "in 2018. It strengthens energy-saving measures for residential and service industries. With the active promotion of the government, the residential sector in 2018 saved 529 million kWh of electricity. Besides, in order to continue the implementation of power saving, Taipower Company continues to promote the "2019 Energy Saving Reward Activity". During the event, people can complete the relevant registration information on the Taipower activity website, and will receive NTD$ 0.6 power saving bonus for every 1 kWh saved. The Ministry of Economic Affairs finally stressed that with the development of the economy and the improvement of the quality of life, it will increase the consumption of electricity. In order to balance the needs of economic development and people's livelihood, the government will continue to guide people to use energy efficiency and implement energy saving and carbon reduction. In addition to taking the lead in implementing energy conservation and carbon reduction, the Ministry of Economic Affairs goals to achieve a sustainable development society. Spokesperson for Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs: Deputy Director General, Chun-Li Lee Phone Number: 02-2775-7660 Mobile: 0936-250-838 Email: News Contact: Director, Shu-Fang Kao Telephone: 02-2775-7773 Mobile: 0918-400-668 E-mail: Media Contact: Section Chief, Yu-Hsuah Hsia Phone Number: 02-2775-7705 Mobile: 0910-668-295 E-mail: