Mobilizing Green Energy Transition and Industry Transformation through the Building of Green Energy Market

The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has planned and implemented "2-year Solar PV Project", "Green Energy Roofs Project, and" 4-year Wind Power Promotion Plan". All the supportive policies are expected to accelerate the development of industry transformation including manufacturing and service industries, integration of green energy system so that Taiwan can become an Asian base for heading toward global green energy market. While over 98% of Taiwan's energy supply comes from imports and the power system is of the independent grid system, the enhancement of energy independence and diversification of energy sources are vital. Considering the trends in the era of global energy transition, the development of green energy would be a new engine for stimulating economic development. Hence the government has included green energy technology in the "five plus two" innovative projects, and the Executive Yuan has passed the promotion program on October 27th, 2016. Taking the demand of domestic green energy as the basis, it is expected to bring in domestic and foreign large-scale investments, increase employment opportunities and accelerate green technology and industry in Taiwan. Besides, the development strategies include energy conservation, energy creation, energy storage, and system integration combined with the concrete measures such as green energy infrastructure promotion, renewable energy development, international enterprises cooperation in the aspects of power generation, power consumption, system, industry and environment. The aim is to reach 20% renewable energy generation target by 2025, to increase 32,000 job opportunities, and to accumulate NTD 1,817.5 billion investment from 2015 to 2025. According to the Bureau of Energy, for promoting the "2-year Solar PV Project" and "Green Energy Roofs Project", the government devotes resources and focuses on solar PV installation. Through the dedication and collaboration of central and local governments, the 3 GW target of solar PV is expected to be achieved by 2020, i.e., 5 years in advance. Besides, the single service window for solar PV is established for assisting central and local government, industries and the public to solve issues including application, installation, regulation, taxation and technology; a communication platform is built for creating a comprehensive environment for installation. Office of Energy and Carbon Reduction is organized to assist cross-ministry coordination and to accelerate administrative process. The government has also investigated 25,000 hectares of land and set medium to long-term schedule through inter-ministerial consultations. In order to simplify the application process, local governments have been commissioned to be in charge of certification of solar PV under 500 kw from 2018. It is expected to accelerate the process. For the grid connection and feeder line, the Taiwan Power Company has also fitted the grid connection demand of renewable energy into the "10-Year Plan for Renewable Energy Distribution and Transmission " for providing sufficient feeder capacity for solar PV. For promoting offshore wind power, the government adopts the 3 stage rule, "Demonstration Program, Zones of Potential, and Zonal Development" to develop steadily. The targets are to achieve 520 MW by 2020 and 3,000 MW by 2025. Through the promotion policy, the domestic and international corporations are attracted to participate in Taiwan's offshore wind power market. In addition, in the process of offshore wind power installation, domestic industries are guided to cooperate with international corporations, to import wind farm development technology, and to accumulate local performance and experience for building comprehensive and independent offshore wind power supply chain. In the meanwhile, the policy also leads transformation of domestic manufacturing industries (underwater foundation, tower and power facilities, etc.) and service industries (engineering services consultant, marine engineering, financial services, etc.). For example, in order to satisfy the significant demand of offshore wind power infrastructural and subsequent industrial needs, the relevant offshore wind power industry alliances are established. Wind Team, an international cooperative alliance which is funded by China Steel Company and other 16 domestic corporations, cooperates with international companies to import mature manufacturing design technologies, and to establish local offshore wind power manufacturing industry. Marine-Team, a marine engineering alliance which is funded by CSBC Corporation and 20 domestic corporations, plans to cooperate with international professional marine engineering industry and imports heavy crane barges to compete for marine engineering business. Growing trend for green energy can create immense business opportunities. The government makes maximum use of Taiwan's advantages in green energy to formulate domestic energy demand market, to stimulate development and innovation in relative domestic industries, and to enhance the industrial competitiveness. In the future, the government will continue to promote the development of green energy industry , strengthen energy security, drive innovation in green energy economy and accelerate environmental sustainability. Spokesperson for Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Economic Affairs: Deputy Director General, Chun-Li Lee Phone Number: 02-2775-7660 Mobile: 0936-250-838 Email: Business Contact: Director , Chung-Hsien Chen Phone Number: 02-2773-2839 Mobile: 0919-998-339 Email: Media Contact: Inspector, Yu-Hsuah Hsia Phone Number: 02-2775-7705 Mobile: 0910-668-295 Email: