Results for the 2016 Top 20 Taiwanese Global Brands Announced, ASUS Comes Out on Top for the Fourth Consecutive Year; CTBC Debuts at No. 4

Results of the 2016 Survey of Best Taiwan Global Brands, hosted by the Industrial Development Bureau under MOEA, carried out by the Taiwan Institute of Economic Research (TIER) and organized by the prestigious global brand value evaluation institute Interbrand, were announced on November 29. ASUS retains the top spot for the fourth consecutive year, while Trend Micro and Want-Want continue to sit comfortably at the second and third places, respectively. CTBC makes an impressive debut on the chart, coming in at fourth. The combined brand values of the top 20 Taiwan’s Best Global Brands totaled USD$ 9.243 billion in 2016, up 3.21% from 2015 (USD$ 8.955 billion). These brands come from a more diverse and comprehensive pool of industries. Among them, as many as five brands have recorded strong double-digit growths in terms of brand value, including Chlitina, 85℃, Advantech, Delta, and Uni-President. Their performances are nothing short of eye-catching. Based on the survey results, Interbrand has identified four important trends: cross-sector expansion, deep integration, experiential upgrade, and big data /smart city/mobile interconnectivity/cloud technology/IoT. Interbrand suggests that it is imperative for Taiwanese enterprises to precisely reshape their brand image to find differentiated brand positions unique in the course of seeking expansion and development in emerging and trendy industries, as this will help gaining their foothold in these emerging domains after upgrade. Going forward, they are advised to evolve along with the global trend of digitalization, create innovative brand communication approaches, leverage brand cooperation, and build effective interaction with end users, in order to make the most of their brand values and shine on the international stage as Taiwanese brands. The Survey of Taiwan’s Best Global Brands targets publicly listed Taiwanese brands with international brand operations, using the same brand valuation system adopted by Interbrand in its annually released Best (Top 100) Global Brands.