The Land Consolidation Engineering Bureau under the Ministry of the Interior along with Hsinchu County Government handled the 2nd construction check on the “Urban Land Consolidation Project for Guangxing of Xinfeng Township, Hsinchu County”Ministry of the Interior2019-06-03
Taiwan: Pioneering Offshore Wind in Asia, President Tsai visits Taichung PortMinistry of Economic Affairs2019-05-31
Accompany Taiwan Brands to grow- Real Cases from Branding Taiwan Campaign II ProjectMinistry of Economic Affairs2019-05-31
Online Shoppers Urged to Be Cautious of the Risk of Importing Counterfeit Goods to Prevent Criminal ResponsibilityMinistry of Finance2019-05-31
The Architecture and Building Research Institute (ABRI), MOI,participated in Conference of Science and Technology Program for Disaster Prevention and Application (2015-2018).Ministry of the Interior2019-05-31
MOF Issues “A08106” 10-Year Central Government BondMinistry of Finance2019-05-30
Indonesia - Taiwan Industry 4.0 Cooperation Forum Debuts in JakartaMinistry of Economic Affairs2019-05-30
International Venture Capital and Cybersecurity Experts Meet to Promote Development and Growth of Taiwanese Cybersecurity Start-upsMinistry of Economic Affairs2019-05-29
The National Police Agency (ROC), Central Police University and the University of Southern Mississippi (USA) Signed Memorandum of Understanding on Education and TrainingMinistry of the Interior2019-05-29
Presidential Handover Ceremony in Central Police UniversityMinistry of the Interior2019-05-29
The Architecture and Building Research Institute(ABRI), MOI,Conduct Wind Tunnel Tests for Solar Panel Systems.Ministry of the Interior2019-05-29
MOF’s Taiwan PPP Solicitation Convention on June 14, 2019 More Applicants Than Expected A Spectacular Event Is Likely!Ministry of Finance2019-05-28
VAC attended Inauguration of the Taiwan-Belize Interparliamentary Amity AssociationVeterans Affairs Council2019-05-28
The Land Consolidation Engineering Bureau under the Ministry of the Interior handled the construction supervision for “Zone Expropriation Project for New Yanhang Junior High School and Vicinity of Yongkang District, Tainan City”Ministry of the Interior2019-05-28
Report on The Sustainable Intelligent Community Innovation Empirical Demonstration Project Implementation results observation and exchange Visit (1).Ministry of the Interior2019-05-28
More Convenient Mountain Entry Permit Application by Logging on a Single Website Available before Summer Ministry of the Interior2019-05-27
Newly Amended Renewable Energy Development Act Promulgated, Ministry of Economic Affairs: Taipower Instructed to Amend Related Contracts accordingly, Allowing Newly Joined Industries to Switch between FiT and Direct Supply and Wheeling in the FutureMinistry of Economic Affairs2019-05-24
Industrial Production Indexes in April. 2019Ministry of Economic Affairs2019-05-23
Sales of Trade and Food Services in April 2019Ministry of Economic Affairs2019-05-23
Announces the nullified company registration statistics of non-operating companies in Apr. 2019Ministry of Economic Affairs2019-05-23
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