Newly Amended Renewable Energy Development Act Promulgated, Ministry of Economic Affairs: Taipower Instructed to Amend Related Contracts accordingly, Allowing Newly Joined Industries to Switch between FiT and Direct Supply and Wheeling in the FutureMinistry of Economic Affairs2019-05-24
Industrial Production Indexes in April. 2019Ministry of Economic Affairs2019-05-23
Sales of Trade and Food Services in April 2019Ministry of Economic Affairs2019-05-23
Announces the nullified company registration statistics of non-operating companies in Apr. 2019Ministry of Economic Affairs2019-05-23
Taiwan MOHW Signed an MOU with the Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) to Strengthen Mutual Collaboration for International Disaster RescueMinistry of Health and Welfare2019-05-22
"Get WILD"! Grand Opening of VGW ExhibitionMinistry of Economic Affairs2019-05-22
The Land Consolidation Engineering Bureau under the Ministry of the Interior along with Changhua County Government handled the 1st construction check on the “Urban Land Consolidation Project for Jingfu of Lukang Township, Changhua County.”Ministry of the Interior2019-05-22
Obtaining R.O.C. source income not within the withholding tax scope during 2018, foreign profit-seeking enterprises should file income tax returns and make tax payments at their earliest convenience.Ministry of Finance2019-05-21
Offshore E-commerce Suppliers to Set up the Cloud Invoice Issuance System as Soon as PossibleMinistry of Finance2019-05-21
May the Preventive Health Check-up Expenses in Hospital Claimed as Itemized Medical Expense Deductions in Individual Income Tax Return?Ministry of Finance2019-05-21
The Land Consolidation Engineering Bureau under the Ministry of the Interior along with Kaohsiung City Government handled the 3rd construction check on the “76th Urban Land Consolidation Project for Hougang Section of Renwu District, Kaohsiung City.”Ministry of the Interior2019-05-21
ICD co-hosts 2019 Explore Next Cyber TaiwanMinistry of Economic Affairs2019-05-21
Call for Bids to Develop New Water and Land Recreation Corridor Spanning Wharf Nos. 13 – 16 at the Port of HualienMinistry of Transportation and Communications2019-05-21
Expanded Weekly Ferry Schedule Makes Taiwan - Mainland China Travel Easier, More Convenient from TaipeiMinistry of Transportation and Communications2019-05-21
Port of Taichung Further Strengthens Security Monitoring System, Enhances Safety at the PortMinistry of Transportation and Communications2019-05-21
The 7th Container Terminal, Set to Anchor the Port of Kaohsiung’s Position as a Key Container HubMinistry of Transportation and Communications2019-05-21
Statistical News: Export Orders down 3.7% in April 2019Ministry of Economic Affairs2019-05-20
Deputy Director-General of IDB, Cheng-Wei Yu, Was Appointed as Director General of BOEMinistry of Economic Affairs2019-05-20
No Need for the Conversion into US Dollar for Nationality Related Applications Apply abroad; Allowance of Ministry of the Interior for Payment with Local CurrenciesMinistry of the Interior2019-05-20
Taiwan FDI Statistics Summary Analysis (April 2019)Ministry of Economic Affairs2019-05-20
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