LEE Chung-wei

LEE Chung-wei, Minister of Ocean Affairs

1975 B.S., ROC Naval Academy
1987 Naval Command and Staff College, National Defense University (NDU)
1989 War College, NDU

1992-1994 Commanding Officer, ROCS Liao Yang, ROC Navy (ROCN), MND
1994 Deputy Division Chief, Naval Operations Office, ROC Navy Headquarters (NHQ), MND
1994-1998 Aide-de-camp, Office of the President
1998-1999 Deputy Commander, Flotilla 131, ROCN
1999-2001 Deputy Director & Director, Naval Operations Office, NHQ
2001-2002 Commander, Flotilla 146, ROCN
2002-2004 Executive Assistant, Office of Chief of the General Staff, MND
2004-2005 Director, National Defense Minister’s Office, MND
2005-2006 Administrative Deputy Minister, MND
2006-2009 Commander, Fleet Command, ROCN
2009-2012 Deputy Commander-in-Chief, ROCN
2016- 2018 Minister, Coast Guard Administration, Executive Yuan
2018-2019 Director General, Coast Guard Administration, Ocean Affairs Council
2018-2019 Political Deputy Minister, Ocean Affairs Council
2019- Minister, Ocean Affairs Council