LEE Chung-wei

LEE Chung-wei, Minister, Coast Guard Administration, Executive Yuan

1975 B.S., Regular Class, ROC Naval Academy, Ministry of National Defense (MND)
1987 College of Naval Command and Staff College, National Defense University (NDU)
1989 War College, NDU

1992-1994 Commanding Officer, ROCS Liao Yang, ROC Navy (ROCN), MND
1994 Deputy Division Chief, Naval Operations Office, ROC Navy Headquarters (NHQ), MND
1994-1998 Aide-de-camp, Office of the President
1998-1999 Deputy Commander, Flotilla 131, ROCN
1999-2001 Deputy Director & Director, Naval Operations Office, NHQ
2001-2002 Commander, Flotilla 146, ROCN
2002-2004 Executive Assistant, Office of Chief of the General Staff, MND
2004-2005 Director, National Defense Minister’s Office, MND
2005-2006 Administrative Deputy Minister, MND
2006-2009 Commander, Fleet Command, ROCN
2009-2012 Deputy Commander-in-Chief, ROCN
2016- Minister, Coast Guard Administration, Executive Yuan