LEE Shying-jow

LEE Shying-jow, Minister, Veterans Affairs Council

1974 ROC Military Academy, Ministry of National Defense (MND)
1991 War College, National Defense University (NDU)
2011 Master’s degree, Graduate Institute of National Policy and Public Affairs, National Chung Hsing University

1995-1999 Commanding General, Army Missile Command
1999-2000 Deputy Chief, Aide-de-camp, Office of the President
2000-2003 Assistant Secretary (Executive Officer), Office of the Deputy Chief of the General Staff/Intelligence, MND
2003-2004 Director, Telecommunications Development Office, General Staff Headquarters, MND
2004-2006 Director, Telecommunications Development Office, MND
2006-2007 Commanding General, Army Penghu Defense Command
2007-2008 Commander General, Army Education, Training and Doctrine Development Command
2008-2009 Vice President, NDU
2009-2011 Commanding General, Military Police Command
2011 Deputy Chief of the General Staff, MND
2011-2014 Commanding General, Army Command
2014 Deputy Minister, MND
2014-2015 Director-General, National Security Bureau
2015-2016 National Policy Advisor to the President
2016- Minister, Veterans Affairs Council