CHIU Kuo-cheng

CHIU Kuo-cheng, Minister, Veterans Affairs

1976 ROC Military Academy
1989 Army Command and Staff College, National Defense University
1995 War College, National Defense University
1999 U.S. Army War College

2000-2002 Commander, Army 373 Armor Infantry Brigade, ROC Army, Ministry of National Defense (MND)
2002-2005 Director, Division of Operations, Army Command Headquarters, MND
2005-2006 Deputy Commander, Sixth Corps Command, ROC Army, MND
2006-2009 Deputy Director of Operations, General Staff Headquarters, MND
2009-2011 Commander, Sixth Corps Command, ROC Army, MND
2011-2012 Commander, Reserve Command, MND
2012-2014 President, National Defense University
2014-2015 Armaments Deputy Minister, MND
2015-2016 Chief, Army Command Headquarters, MND
2016-2017 Chief, General Staff, MND
2018- Minister, Veterans Affairs