PAN Wen-chung

PAN Wen-chung, Minister of Education

1983 Teaching certificate, Taiwan Provincial Junior Teachers College
1989, 1993 & 2003 Ed.B., Ed.M. & Ph.D., National Taiwan Normal University

1983-1990 Teacher, Haishan Elementary School, Banqiao, Taipei County
1990-1993 Staff, National University of Preparatory School for Overseas Chinese Students
1993-1998 Inspector, Section Chief & Chief Inspector, Education Department, Taipei County Government (TCG)
1998-2000 Director, Taipei County Cultural Center
2000-2003 Deputy Commissioner & Commissioner, Cultural Affairs Department, TCG
2003-2006 Commissioner, Education Department, TCG
2006-2008 Director-General, Department of Elementary Education, Ministry of Education (MOE)
2008-2009 Chief Secretary, MOE
2009-2011 Director, National Institute for Compilation and Translation
2011-2014 Vice President, National Academy for Educational Research
2014-2016 Deputy Mayor, Taichung City
2016- Minister of Education