HUANG Mei-ying

HUANG Mei-ying, Chairperson, Fair Trade Commission

1978 & 1980 B.A. & M.A., Department of Agricultural Economics, National Taiwan University
1987 Ph.D., Economics, University of Georgia, USA

1980-1982 Councilor, Department of Economic Research, Council for Economic Planning and Development, Executive Yuan
1988-2000 Associate Professor & Professor, Department of Economics, National Chung Hsing University
2000-2017 Professor, Department of Economics, National Taipei University (NTPU)
2003-2005 & 2015-2017 Chairperson, Department of Economics, NTPU
2005-2010 Commissioner, Fair Trade Commission (FTC)
2010-2013 Dean, College of Social Sciences, NTPU
2017- Chairperson, FTC