LEE Ruey-tsang

LEE Ruey-tsang, Minister, Financial Supervisory Commission

1972 & 1976 B.A. & M.A., Department of Land Economics, National Chengchi University

1999-2004 Director-General, National Property Administration, Ministry of Finance (MOF)
1999-2002 Board Director, Farmers Bank of China
2002-2004 Board Director, Bank of Taiwan
2004-2008 Political Deputy Minister of Finance
2004-2008 Managing Director, Bank of Taiwan
2006 Acting Board Chairman, Bank of Taiwan
2011-2014 Director-General, Finance Bureau, Kaohsiung City Government
2011-2014 Board Director, Small and Medium Enterprise Credit Guarantee Fund of Taiwan
2011-2016 Managing Director, Bank of Kaohsiung
2014-2015 Secretary-General, Kaohsiung City Government
2015-2016 Board Chairman, Bank of Kaohsiung
2016- Minister, Financial Supervisory Commission